Which is the Best Safety Surface for Playgrounds?

safety surface for playgrounds

Playgrounds are a wonderful place for kids to make lasting memories, but they can be dangerous places. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 200,000 children visit emergency rooms each year because of injuries sustained on playgrounds. The biggest factor in playground safety is the surface material, which must be chosen carefully to ensure kids can fall down safely. More info:https://www.playground-surfaces.com/

The five best safe playground surfaces all do their job well, but each one has unique benefits and costs that can affect which material is right for your playground project. Some safe playground surface options are less expensive to install but require more frequent maintenance, while others are more costly but provide more accessibility and don’t need as much care over time.

Choosing the Right Safety Surface for Your Playground: A Comprehensive Guide

Poured-in-place rubber (also called poured rubber or PIP) is a great choice for a safe, high-quality surface that’s easy to maintain and meets ADA guidelines. This unitary surfacing material consists of a shock-absorbing layer of crumb rubber that’s topped with a thick topcoat for durability and visual appeal. This surface can also be colored to complement your playground’s design, and is available in a variety of thicknesses that align with critical fall heights.

Shredded rubber is another durable and low-cost option that’s ADA-compliant. However, shredded rubber is more likely to shift and sift under equipment where it’s frequently used. It’s also prone to scuffing, which can reduce its ability to meet impact attenuation standards set by ASTM.

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