The Fragrances That Dominated 2022

The Fragrances That Dominated 2022

The Fragrances That Dominated 2022

The Fragrances That Dominated 2022 the beauty industry grew in 2021, so did fragrances. The power of scent is undeniable — it can set the tone and evoke an emotional state that influences how consumers perceive the product’s efficacy and even its appearance. For manufacturers, the key to winning consumers is to innovate with scent. That’s why a variety of large and small companies are developing new technology that will help them create the next wave of perfumes and cosmetic scents.

For example, in April of this year, Givaudan developed Sensityl – a natural ingredient that can be used in cosmetic fragrances to add aromas that appeal to consumers. The company’s development of the new compound was a response to consumer demand for differentiating aromas in skincare products. Other innovations include incorporating organic ingredients and reducing the number of synthetic compounds in perfumes. The growing popularity of organic and vegan ingredients also prompted many manufacturers to develop more sustainable packaging for their perfumes.

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In addition, a shift towards higher-priced products like eau de parfums and parfums — which contain a larger percentage of fragrance oils than eaux de toilettes — has increased perfume sales. According to Spate’s 2022 Fragrance Trends report, searches for long-lasting perfumes jumped over 70 percent YOY. The reason could be that coronavirus victims reported a diminished sense of smell, leading consumers to seek longer-lasting fragrances.

Another interesting trend in fragrances is the rise of niche brands. Consumers are seeking uniqueness and exclusivity in their fragrance choices, and this is where boutique brands excel. They often use mystery blends that aren’t readily available and evocative storytelling to draw consumers in. Brands like Orto Parisi and Alessandro Gualtieri’s Nasomatto are winning consumers with their mysterious compositions and compelling stories.

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