Surfly Partners With Suit Supply En for an Omnichannel Solution

The European men’s suit supply nl brand suit supply en has built a reputation as the place to reliably get a decent fit in a trendy cut. Founded in Amsterdam in 2000 by Fokke de Jong, the company made a splash when it landed on New York’s Fifth Avenue 11 years later, with GQ calling it “the JetBlue of suits.”

Unlike more traditional suit retailers that operate out of luxury malls and have a heavy reliance on sales associates, Suitsupply sells exclusively online and via in-person appointments at their stores. Their direct-to-consumer business model cuts out the middlemen and allows them to offer suit jackets for $500 and trousers for $300, compared to $1,000 and up from heritage bespoke makers.

Elevate Your Style with Suit Supply: A Closer Look

While some shoppers have criticized the lack of face-to-face service, others appreciate that the suits are affordable and made well enough to last for years. The company also provides a wide range of customization options, making them a competitive player in the upscale custom suit arena.

In addition to their online offerings, Suitsupply recently launched a line of suits called “Online Exclusives.” The additional line is manufactured with the same quality fabrics as the Blue and Jort lines, but is only available in-store or online. This eliminated their need to have a large amount of inventory on hand, which lowered their costs and allowed them to pass the savings on to customers.

Surfly was proud to work with Suitsupply on their innovative omnichannel solution. With the Covid-19 pandemic limiting in-person purchases, the company was able to use Surfly’s industry-leading co-browsing and video chat technology to offer a similar in-person experience for their online shoppers. Using Surfly’s platform, Suitsupply employees were able to remotely connect with customers, help them select the materials they wanted for their suits, and create a virtual fitting session.

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