Scamp 5th Wheel Small Camper

Scamp 5th wheel small camper

If you’ve ever Scamp 5th wheel small camper with the words “Scamp” on it driving down the highway, you’re likely looking at a Scamp 5th wheel small camper. These fiberglass campers are known for their sleek, aerodynamic design and lightweight construction, which makes them easy to pull. They’re also well-appointed with all the comforts of home, including a bathroom and a kitchen.

The Scamp is available in two floorplans, the standard and the deluxe. The deluxe model has more amenities than the standard but both are built using the same fiberglass method. The only real difference is that the deluxe comes with oak or birch cabinetry, which adds a bit of weight.

Travel Light, Travel Right: Choosing the Perfect Lightweight Camper for Your Outdoor Escapes

With a dry weight of just under 7,000 pounds, this ultra-lightweight Scamp can be easily pulled by a car or truck. The Scamp is also fully self-contained, with a full kitchen and bath, high-density foam mattresses, dinette seating area that folds into a bed, and extra storage throughout.

Despite being so light, the Scamp is still capable of comfortably sleeping four people. The bedroom is separated from the living space by a bathroom, which offers enough room to stand up in and has a full-height shared wardrobe with additional shelving for clothes and gear.

Scamp owners often report that the lightweight camper can withstand a lot of abuse. Several have even stayed in their Scamp trailers during natural disasters, and they’ve found that the unit held up very well against damage and rain.

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