Permanent Marker Weed

Permanant marker strain is a cannabis strain that delivers a strong punch with a fruity, candy-like flavor. Its high T.H.C content can help relieve symptoms from a variety of medical conditions. However, its effects are not for beginners and it may cause anxiety or paranoia in some people. It is therefore best used by experienced users.

What is permanent marker made of?

Bred by Seed Junky Genetics and selected by Doja Pak, permanent marker weed is the result of crossing well-known cultivars Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherb Bx. Its 70/30 indica to sativa ratio is perfect for those seeking relaxation without feeling drowsy or sedated. The indica properties provide pain relief while easing stress levels, while the sativa influence brings out creativity for daytime use and the munchies.

The 34-35% average THC level of this strain makes it an excellent choice for reducing inflammation, mood swings and depression while stimulating the appetite. Its calming effects can also alleviate PMS or cramps, chronic fatigue and chronic stress or PTSD. The distinctive sweet and sour fruity candy flavor with a punch of citrusy diesel upon exhale is recognizable by cannabis connoisseurs before even seeing the buds. These buds have dense oversized spade-shaped bright emerald-green nugs with purple leaves and thin orange hairs that are coated in tiny amber-tinted crystal trichomes.

Growers of this strain are advised to use the Sea of Green technique, wherein they plant many small plants rather than a few large ones. This method allows the plant to expend less energy on vegetative growth while boosting the number of colas produced. This way, the overall yield is greater than when growing a single larger plant.

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