Peco Pa – Pennsylvania’s Largest Electricity Company

peco pa

As one of the largest utility companies in Pennsylvania peco pa provides electric and natural gas services to people throughout Philadelphia, Pottstown and many other communities in southeastern Pennsylvania. As the company continues to grow they work hard to keep their system performing optimally and make investments in infrastructure.

Last year alone they spent over $1 billion on general maintenance, power plant upgrades and other projects that enhance reliability for their customers. They are also making a conscious effort to modernize the grid in order to support clean energy initiatives such as electric vehicle charging and solar energy generation.

PECO Energy: Empowering Communities with Reliable Electric and Gas Services

Peco recently received approval from the state to test hourly electricity rates for its 1.6 million residential customers. The plan, if implemented, would offer lower rates at nonpeak times, such as overnight, to encourage customers to shift their usage to off-peak hours. It would also help lower bills for residents who use smart meters to monitor their electricity consumption, such as those who own electric cars that can be charged at night.

Since Pennsylvania deregulated its energy market, homeowners have the option to choose a supplier in addition to their utility. Shipley Energy is a qualified supplier that works with PECO to deliver convenient electric rate plans to homeowners. We have a simple online tool that allows you to compare the best options available to you based on your zip code and home size. Check out our site today!

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