Niche & Specialized Dating Sites

Niche  Specialized Dating

Whether it’s a love for the great outdoors, a passion for the arts or an interest in politics, people are often able to find like-minded partners and friends through their shared interests. However, it can sometimes be difficult to sift through cookie cutter profiles on apps such as Tinder or Bumble and get to the real deal. That’s where niche and specialized dating sites come in. With options such as Digdates for dog owners, Bristlr for facial hair fans and SingleParentMeet for those looking to meet other single parents, there is a niche dating site for everyone! Read more

Exploring Niche Dating: Finding Love in Specialized Communities

Unlike more generic dating websites that provide a wide variety of filters, niche dating sites are categorically designed around specific themes and lifestyles. By doing this, they attract people who live their lives based on those principles and can more quickly connect with potential matches. This approach is perfect for individuals who have a specific thing that they hold in high regard and want to more efficiently find a partner or friend that does the same.

It’s no secret that some dating sites, such as Ashley Madison, are purely focused on finding a date for a one-night stand. However, there are many more dating sites that offer a more wholesome approach to finding a partner. CoffeeMeetsBagel is a great example as it aims to create long lasting relationships and sends only quality matches curated for you every day. The app uses advanced machine learning algorithms to match you with potential dates that are similar to you in age, location and personality.

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