Neptune In 11th House

Neptune In Eleventh House

When Neptune In 11th House , the individual is compassionate and deeply feels the bond that people share with one another. It is a very sensitive placement and this individual will often work for causes that promote peace, love, and unity. They will be able to transcend the limitations of their own personalities and connect with individuals from all walks of life. These connections will have a powerful effect on the individual and transform them in a positive way. This individual will also be able to see the potential for something great and inspire others with his or her visions of how things could be.

Neptune in the 11th House: Exploring Dreams and Connections in Social Networks

These people tend to make friends through spiritual activities such as church, volunteer projects, or charity events. They may be a part of groups that focus on helping the environment, the homeless, or those with drug addictions. This is a highly spiritual placement and these people will likely be interested in the arts of music, acting, painting, or writing. They like to fantasize and notice beauty in the world around them.

These individuals have a select group of friends and they are careful to not give their trust away too easily. They form alliances with caution and are sometimes prone to illusions because of their strong connection with Neptune. They may have a psychic ability and be able to sense how someone else is feeling or what they need without them having to say anything.

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