KOMPAN Nursery Playground Systems

Early childhood is a critical period of development. This is when kids build cognitive and social skills and prepare for their future as well-rounded children and adults. Nursery playgrounds are an essential part of this process, as they allow kids to work on their physical skills through playful exploration and creative play.

In addition to offering a fun outdoor space for children, a good nursery playground should also feature safety and inclusivity features. For example, the layout should be designed for easy supervision and visibility so that caregivers can monitor children while they are playing, helping to ensure their safety. Nursery playgrounds should also include seating areas and shade structures to protect children from the sun and inclement weather.

Creating Engaging Spaces: Designing Playgrounds for Nursery Schools

KOMPAN’s playground systems for nursery schools are equipped with age-appropriate equipment that is designed to promote healthy and active play in the youngest members of society. From mini playhouses to sand and water activities, these equipment pieces help toddlers develop their gross motor skills while having fun. Moreover, the design of these playgrounds ensures that they are safe and suitable for young kids, as they do not have any steep or fast slides or ladders that can put children at risk of injury.

Furthermore, a high-quality nursery playground should have safety surfacing and be made of durable materials that are suitable for year-round use. This surfacing, such as engineered wood fiber or poured-in-place rubber, prevents children from falling off equipment or hurting themselves by landing on sharp corners or edges of the equipment. The surfacing should also be soft and comfortable under and around the equipment, as well as resistant to heat.

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