How to Find a Mobile Stairlift Dealer

If your loved one is unable to climb stairs due to injury, surgery, or simply aging, then they may need a stair lift. Some stair lifts require permanent installation, but others are portable and can be brought in and out as needed. Using a outdoor treppenlift can allow them to stay in their home or community while they recover or adjust to life with limited mobility.

Are stairlifts battery powered?

Stairlifts use a rail and track (straight or curved, depending on your staircase) with a seat, footplates, armrests, safety belt, and other features. The chassis, which attaches to the rail and contains the main electronics like motors and batteries, determines the quality and comfort of your ride. Straight models like the Pinnacle Premium SL600 can safely accommodate up to 600 pounds and offer a swivel chair for easy entry/exit away from the stairs.

Choosing the best model for your needs is critical, but so is finding a dealer that can provide the right support before and after the purchase. Many dealers have a team of professionals who will visit your home to take detailed measurements for custom track manufacturing and ensure the best fit. Some stair lifts also require outlets at the top and bottom of the staircase, so make sure you speak with a dealer about your power needs.

While a stair lift is an investment, it can significantly improve your or your loved one’s quality of life. Many private and long-term care insurance policies cover at least a portion of the cost, so it’s worth exploring your options before making the final decision.

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