How to Avoid a Gender Reveal

For most expecting parents, the anticipation of knowing if their baby is a boy or a girl is a major highlight of their pregnancy. Often, they are eager to surprise their friends and family with the news of their baby’s gender.

However, while the gender-reveal party is a common practice, it’s also a deeply problematic one. Not only does it promote stereotypical gender binaries and the commodification of the unborn, it can also create a dangerous environment for children.

If you’re not looking to throw a gender reve party, but are still excited about the idea of sharing the news with your loved ones, consider a gender-reveal baby shower instead. It can save you the hassle of planning a separate event and will mitigate your costs.

Another popular gender-reveal idea is to fill a box with pink and blue balloons, and have your guests guess the correct gender. You can either buy helium-filled balloons or fill your own with water.

In addition, you can make a gender-reveal cake using white frosting and a few drops of pink or blue food coloring. You can serve this to your guests, and then they can cut into it to see if it matches the baby’s gender.

A gender reveal pinata is another fun and inexpensive way to share the big news! Fill a pinata with candy and confetti, and let your guests take turns hitting it.

If you want to avoid the potential for a hazard, it’s important to plan your gender-reveal activities indoors so you don’t end up littering candy wrappers and confetti outside.

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