Caster Wheels Heavy Duty

caster wheels heavy duty

Caster wheels heavy duty caster are made of tough materials, allowing them to support large loads. These casters are commonly used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and on other large objects that require mobility.

They are a great mobility solution, but they need to be sized and designed appropriately for the load that they will carry. This requires a lot of precision when it comes to sizing, material, and construction.

The wheel material is important because it affects the caster’s strength and durability. It must be able to resist high temperatures and water. It should also have a good grip over the surface to control the movement of the load.

Size: The overall diameter of the caster wheel is also important. It determines its loading capacity and maneuverability when used on different terrains.

Keep Things Rolling: How to Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Caster for Your Application

Wheel material: Choose a material that can withstand the load and resist corrosion, oil, and grease. Some of the most popular wheel materials include cast iron, ductile steel, phenolic, and nylon.

Swivel casters are also available with add-ons like brakes, swivel locks, and toe guards. These features can help prevent injuries and reduce the risk of slipping and falling when using a caster.

Rolling resistance: Choosing a caster with low rolling resistance can make it easier to move the cart around. This is important because it helps save time and effort while reducing wear and tear on the equipment.

Heavy-duty casters can support loads of up to 44,000 pounds. They are often used on airplane hangar doors and helicopter landing pads. They are also essential in aircraft engine stands, enabling technicians to move and lock the work stand with ease.

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