AI Investing Platform Review


Many ai investing platform have been designed to leverage high powered machine learning for ordinary investors. While some, like Acorn, focus on micro saving and investing for newcomers and young people, others such as Black Box Stocks provide a range of AI-backed portfolios. This piece of software uses complex algorithms to analyse and predict market trends, identifying potentially lucrative investment opportunities. It then takes a number of factors into account including your risk tolerance, investment goals and time horizon, creating an investable portfolio of stocks to suit you.

Demystifying AI Investing Platforms: A Beginner’s Guide

The Black Box Stocks AI portfolios are diversified and cover a wide variety of sectors. This includes technology, healthcare and energy, so there’s something to suit every investor. The software also provides pre-market alerts and a handy research tool, so you can carry out your own fundamental and technical analysis of a specific stock or sector. If you want to take a direct position on an individual AI share, you can open a trading account to speculate on prices with spread bets or CFDs, or an equity dealing account to take direct ownership.

You can also get exposure to the AI sector through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that target the industry, such as the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF. This approach will give you a more diversified portfolio that limits the risks associated with investing in one specific AI stock. As a bonus, displays historical performance data for its Portfolio Kits on its website, which is a great touch. That said, the data is a little skewed at the moment because markets have been taking it on the chin for most of 2022, so it’s hard to evaluate’s hedging strategy and its performance.

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